About The Practitioner

The duty of the Osteopath is to listen, learn, support and allow so that the optimal state of health and vitality can be experienced.

In 1993 Khalid graduated from the British School of Osteopathy, Trafalgar Square, London. In 2013 he gained Post Graduate Certificate in Academic & Clinical Education.

Khalid has been in osteopathic practice in Mayfield Road since 1994. He has attended numerous courses that are both appropriate to the needs of patients and comply with his continuing professional development requirements.

He is registered with the General Osteopathic Council, registration number is 241.

I endeavour to provide unique approaches to treatment and aspects of healing that will restore patients’ sense of well being and vitality. I endeavour at all times, to practice within osteopathic principles providing the finest professional care and highest standards.

What I Treat

The principles of osteopathy states that ill health and “disease” can be due to structural or mechanical strain on the body tissues. If overtime there is interference with blood or nerve supply to various tissues or vital organs of the body. This lowering of energy renders the body to a “disease” process.
Osteopathy is primarily concerned with improving structure and function of the of the bodys’ framework in order to promote health and wellbeing.

Khalids’ approach is to treat the body as a unit , find the cause and address it and just treat the symptoms and by doing so is encouraging the body’s natural ability to repair and strengthen itself. His treatment aims to remove strain pattern from the tissues of the body.

Khalid generally treats:

Musculoskeletal pain and injury

Back and neck pain & stiffness

Sciatic and pelvic pain

Shoulder, elbow & wrist pain

Arthritic conditions as well as postural

Khalid has a special interest in the treatment and prevention in work related injuries caused by repetitive movements. He uses gentle and non invasive techniques that appropriate effective and safe within a patient centred practice.